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Delivering solutions for potato storage quality management, innovative product application techniques, and shelf-life extension.

About Us

At 1,4 GROUP, we believe that sustainability is intrinsically linked with the concept of stewardship. By demonstrating responsibility in key areas, our aim is to help the earth and all of its inhabitants grow and thrive for many generations to come. 1,4 GROUP practices sustainability by:

  • Helping farmers minimize the loss of produce grown, thus helping to eliminate world hunger by limiting the amount of food lost post-harvest.
  • Offering the 1,4-DMN family of products that are found naturally occurring in the potato, as well in other plants and foods, resulting in a softer bio-pesticide classification.
  • Operating a thriving R&D department that continually searches for innovative product solutions that minimize our environmental footprint.
  • Working closely with suppliers and customers who also demonstrate a commitment to sustainable growth and a dedication to protecting the natural environment.

Our Products



This is an in-storage vapor treatment that enhances dormancy while controlling peeps and sprouts. Increased dormancy lowers respiration which can reduce shrink and pressure bruising.


This in-storage treatment establishes a temporary and fully reversible dormancy in seed potatoes with a flexible application window up to 30 days before planting.


Safely and effectively eliminate emerging sprouts during post-harvest storage. Ideal pre-shipping tool that effectively “refreshes” the appearance of potatoes that have started to peep or sprout.


This high-purity, solid CIPC offers improved handling safety, higher residues and can be applied at lower temperatures than liquid formulations. When combined with 1,4SIGHT® it provides optimal sprout control and quality maintenance.

SpudGuard® 2EC

Our proprietary cold water emulsified formulation contains a surfactant to help disperse the active ingredient uniformly over the surface of the potato. The solution is injected right into the cold water flow of the pre-pack wash system.



A ready-to-use aerosol dormancy enhancer that treats fresh potatoes right in the shipping vehicle to delay peeps and sprouts during the potato distribution channel.


We are proud to partner with groups in the private and public sectors to conduct R&D for our products.


Bruise Evaluation of Untreated and 1,4DMN Treated Potatoes from Commercial Storage, Dr. Addie Waxman

DMN Turns Genes On and Off, Dr. Michael Campbell

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